The very best, thorough and professional rug cleaning is provided by Access Cleaning Solutions. Throughout Glasgow and on every single rug we clean, we provide a 100% money back guarantee and always ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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How clean are your rugs? Do they look stained and matted? Do you hoover them once a fortnight at most and think that’s enough? Far too often, the answer is yes. Most people in Glasgow spend a large amount of money on their rugs and they should be cared for with a professional rug cleaning service. Your rug is a haven for dust mites, sand, soil and other pollution carried into your home from outside. This can only be removed by high quality rug cleaning such as our professional rug cleaning service.

At Access Cleaning Solutions, we undertake all rug cleaning offsite to ensure they are completely dry and cleaning causes minimal disruption to you. You will always receive the Rug Cleaning Glasgow loves and trusts. We employ the very latest, powerful and effective rug cleaning equipment to ensure the most amount of dirt possible, is removed from your rug. The modern rug cleaning chemicals we utilise are environmentally friendly and achieve outstanding results. We are fully insured and all of our rug cleaning specialists have been professionally trained and certified by the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

After rug cleaning, we apply the very latest stain protection free of charge. That’s right, on each of the rugs we clean you will receive a stain barrier that repels against staining and soiling for up to five years. Rug cleaning of all types is undertaken to the highest standards, including oriental rugs; wool rugs; dry-clean rugs; turkish rugs; persian rugs; hand-made rugs and many others. For the very best rug cleaning in Glasgow call us for a free survey and quotation.