Our clients often enquire about how we clean leather furniture and how we achieve such excellent results. To answer this question, we have created this page that describes our preferred leather cleaning process at Access Cleaning Solutions.

Leather Cleaning Survey

leathermethod3This step allows us to gain all the information we require to provide professional leather cleaning. As there are many different types of leather, we need to assess the best method for cleaning your leather. We also provide valuable information about maintaining you leather and keeping it looking good for longer.

We then move on to examine each area of spotting and staining on the leather. This provides us with the information required to successfully remove many stains while cleaning leather.

We also examine the stability of dyes and pigments to each leather cleaning solution, so we can achieve the very best results safely.
Finally we check each panel of leather for damage and wear before providing a written quotation for any leather cleaning work. All of this only takes 15 minutes and is provided free of charge.

Leather Cleaning Method – Dry Soil Removal

We can efficiently remove soiling during the the leather cleaning process by first removing any dry soil using an industrial vacuum cleaner. Many of our clients are surprised by this step of the leather cleaning process, but it enables us to clean both the leather and upholstered part of the furniture item. We recover any items and present them to our clients at the end of the leather cleaning process.

Leather Cleaning Method – Soil Extraction

leathermethod2We then proceed to clean the leather using a suitable and mild detergent. This key step in the leather cleaning process removes any remaining soil and grease adhered to the leather. By gently agitating the cleaning solution with a soft sponge, we can clean deep into the grain of the leather and restore the colour and texture.

Leather Cleaning Method – Rinse

The next step in the leather cleaning process is to thoroughly rinse the leather to remove the last traces of emulsified soil and grease. This prepares the leather surface for conditioning and finishing to provide an enduring cleanliness of your leather.

Leather Cleaning Method – Finishing

We then proceed to apply a leather conditioner and finishing agent to the leather surface and gently agitate the solution with a soft cloth. The finishing cream penetrates deep into the leather, providing a conditioning effect that locks away moisture in the leather and ensures a long lasting supple feel.

Leather Cleaning Method – Polishing

leathermethod1After a short period of drying, the next step in the leather cleaning process is to polish the leather surface. We polish the surface of the leather using a cotton towel to leave a lustrous and long lasting shine.

Overall : The Leather Cleaning Process

We are sure that you will agree, our leather cleaning at Access Cleaning Solutions is very thorough. This is the key to obtaining the best results possible and the happiest clients. We employ this leather cleaning method across Glasgow, Paisley and the surrounding areas, so contact us for a free 15 minute survey.

Only the very best service is obtained at Access Cleaning Solutions.