Carpet Cleaning to remove traces of pets

We have been asked to explain why it is important to have your carpets cleaned when vacating a rented property if you had pets during the tenancy. More specifically, why should the tenant pay to have the carpets cleaned and why this is important to the landlord.

More than just pet stains

On the face of it you would assume it’s purely down to the appearance of the carpets with the removal of specific stains. Although this could be a factor, there is much more important reason to clean the carpets and soft furnishings. These items carry an abundance of pet hair and other protein contamination that many people are allergic to*. Only specialist deep cleaning can remove this contamination and restore the property to a state fit for the open market.
It is important to consider the extent of allergies within the population.  55% of the US population have tested positive for one or more allergens . For example, up to 25% of people are allergic** to proteins specific to cats***. As most of the contamination can be removed by cleaning the area, this should include a thorough deep cleaning of the carpets. Contamination by pets in carpets specifically can be removed using a “steam” cleaning technique coupled with industrial vacuuming. One study**** has found that the carpet cleaning technique employed by us across Glasgow reduces the surface contamination of carpets 37-fold and the airborne contamination 5.8-fold. Although not perfect, a 97% reduction in contamination of the carpets can be achieved using our advanced carpet cleaning techniques.

Aside from this, we can also remove the inevitable marks on the carpets left by pets through accidents and general use. Most staining and soiling can also be thoroughly flushed out of carpets and soft furnishing using our cleaning processes across Glasgow.

It seems reasonable to expect a property to be returned in a similar condition to that in which it was rented out. If the contamination was as visible as dust on a glass table then it would be expected of the tenant to clean it or call in a cleaning contractor to do so. Therefore, it seems reasonable to be expected to remove (both the visible and invisible) residues left by pets on vacating a property by cleaning the carpets.

Written by:
Access Cleaning Solutions – Carpet Cleaning Specialists Glasgow.