Welcome to the Access Cleaning Solutions carpet care guide. We hope to provide you with some hints and tips on how to maintain your carpet and keep it looking great for longer. We recommend that you follow these steps detailed in this carpet care guide for bright, clean and fresher carpets all year round:

Carpet Care Guide – Vacuum Regularly

The best tip we can give on keeping your carpet in good condition is to regular vacuuming. In theory, it would be best to completely vacuum your carpet once a day. However, the time constraints of the real world mean that this is often only achieved once a week. We suggest that this is too infrequent, so please try and vacuum the carpet as regularly as possible and pay particular attention to the areas of heavy traffic. This will remove the majority of dry soil, sand and grit from the carpet and help prevent fibre damage.

Carpet Care Guide – Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Another important in maintaining your carpet is the design of your vacuum cleaner. The design of the vacuum cleaner that we recommend using is the upright version with a beater or roller bar at the front. More specifically, the cleaners that you pull along behind you are not suitable as they often don’t remove enough soil, sand or grit from the base of the carpet.

Carpet Care Guide – Quality of Equipment

Moving on from this, another point to consider is the quality of your vacuum cleaner. We often see budget vacuum cleaners being used on high quality and expensive floor coverings. This is a false economy and leads to more frequent cleaning as there is a big difference between price and value. Cheaper vacuum cleaners have less powerful motors and therefore less suction. If you have invested a lot of money in your carpet, think about spending a little more on a quality vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Care Guide – Equipment Maintenance

Too often we enter clients homes to find a dusty old vacuum cleaner stuffed under the stairs. If we examine it, we often find the bag is full and the filters clogged. Please empty the bag when it gets half full to ensure the vacuum cleaner is operating efficiently. Indeed, the function of most cleaners is severely impaired if the filter is allowed to become clogged. Check the filter regularly to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Care Guide – Stain Removal

We are often called in to clean areas of spotting/staining and have access to a number of specialist cleaning solutions. The best advice we can give is to remove as much of the spot or stain possible without damaging the carpet and as rapidly as possible. More specifically, you should never rub the carpet, blot with a clean towel or kitchen roll. Too often we find areas of staining that have had the carpet abraded by over eager rubbing. The stains can be removed by us, but the fibre damage can not. Moreover, try and avoid using household stain removers or at least pre-test them in hidden areas first. Another situation we encounter too often is the client who has applied stain removers to that carpet and either of two of the following occurs; The stain is removed but so is the carpet dye as the product they used contained bleaching agents. Alternatively, the stain remains, but has been set into the fibres by the household product. The latter is more common, however many household products contain things like “active oxygen”, which are a euphemism for bleaching agents. Don’t be fooled by substandard household products, we have the training, expertise and chemicals to remove most stains, so please contact us if you are in any doubt.

If you are having trouble with staining then we can help you by applyingstain guards that protect against oil and water based stains for up to 5 years.

Carpet Care Guide – Matting

We recommend that you place as big a mat as possible in your hallway to remove the soil, sand, grit and oily residues from peoples feet when walking into your home. We often find these areas to be the most dirty in households without adequate matting. Door mats are cheap to replace and cost far less than carpet or frequent cleaning. On average, it takes about fifteen feet of walking into a home from outside to totally remove the dirt from one’s shoes.

Carpet Care Guide – Frequent Cleaning

We recommend that you get your carpets cleaned thoroughly and professionally as frequently as possible. All too often we are called in to resurrect a carpet, when a much better strategy is to have it maintained. More specifically, as the carpet begins to fill up with dust, sand etc abrasion to the fibre begins to occur. By the time we are called in to clean the carpet, a significant amount of wear has been caused and this can never be restored. By getting the carpet cleaned more regularly, you can avoid the abrasion and fibre damage prolonging the life of the carpet. We recommend that you get your carpets cleaned at least once a year, but preferably once every six months. Don’t leave it too long as your carpet is being damaged now!